I am a photographer, college student, Mac user, computer guru, hacker, traveler, and writer with almost no free time. So why not make my life even busier by throwing a blog into the mix?

This blog will contain everything from tech news (although think of it more as a magazine and less of a daily news paper when it comes to news. I’ll focus on big important news but not always right after it happens, and I wont always get everything) to reviews (what ever my poor college budget allows for… or what ever I can borrow from my friends) to opinion posts and picks. This is the site to go to for quality content, great writing, and some added humor. I can’t promise daily posts as I am a college student with 2 jobs but I will post at least once a week.

Subscribe! I promise you won’t get bombarded as I will only post a maximum of one a day. If you love a post let me (and your friends) know. If not.. well you can just keep that to yourself. I hope you enjoy!



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