One Year Later. RIP Steve Jobs

Whether you are reading this on a Mac, PC, iPhone or Andriod phone you no doubt know the name Steve Jobs. One year after his death his memory and legacy lives on.

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple on April 1st, 1976. Thank goodness for us it wasn’t an April fools joke because 36 years later we have one of the most valuable and influential companies ever making some of the best devices on the planet.

Jobs was a hero of mine since High School. I was always awe struck at what you could do just working out of a garage, that being said I was always torn at if I would actually like meeting the man. If you have read the Walter Isaacson biography or listened to it you will start to understand what type of man he was. You could hardly sum him up in a few words.

I never knew the man, but I know his genius. Steve Jobs did not single handedly make the Mac. He didn’t design the iPod. He did however make sure that the devices were truly revolutionary and that they were never subpar. If you have never used an Apple device take some time to use a friend’s, or go to an Apple Store. Some people don’t understand it. Usually that just means they haven’t spent enough time with them. Steve Jobs will be greatly missed but because he surrounded himself with intelligent and independent likeminded people Apple will continue strong.

Gone but never forgotten.

 Martin

One More Thing.

If you have not yet gone to go there and watch the Steve Jobs video. It is amazing.


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