Google Glass. This changes everything… Again.

Google Glass. I’ve talked about this before (One small step for man… one giant Leap for mankind). It’s old news. So why bring it up again?

Simple answer? Google is probably paying me to talk about it… Well they aren’t (but if you’re from Google I take donations and sponsorships.)

First off they have great new video that looks like it was taken by an old cellphone. Awesome! Who doesn’t love bad looking, not even full HD, with blown out highlights, video?

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Moves. An App iPhone Users Should All Try!


I have been thinking about investing in one of the new FitBits, Nike FuelBand or the new JawBone Up. For me it was never really about the price. They are all in the $100-200 price range which isn’t chump change but its not a fortune either. For me it was trying to figure out which one would fit my life best. It would have to be able to integrate easily into my daily activity while also tracking me and hopefully improving my habits. So far none of them really fit the bill perfectly…

Enter The Moves App
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EXTRA EXTRA! Free today only, CarTunes Player


I previously picked CarTunes as an app to have especially if you travel a lot and enjoy listening to music. Check out the article here. The app is usually $4.99 but today is free! Download it! You won’t regret it. Unfortunately this is a today only deal so if you are reading this today enjoy! If not then here is another reason why you should subscribe to my blog.

CarTunes – Free (iPhone and iPad)

One Year Later. RIP Steve Jobs

Whether you are reading this on a Mac, PC, iPhone or Andriod phone you no doubt know the name Steve Jobs. One year after his death his memory and legacy lives on.

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*Your mileage may vary… 3G and 4G. And why I’m still on EDGE (and yet still consider myself high tech)

I was reading a magazine ad for the Chevy Volt and two things really stood out to me. First it said on average Chevy volt owners only fill up with gas once a month. Now I find this interesting because on average I only fill up 1.5 times a month and my car is 8 years old. The second part that caught my eye was the fine print that said *your mileage may vary.

So let me get this straight. You throw out a statistic that I don’t even find that revolutionary, then you say that half of all the owners will be filling up more than once a month anyways? Really??

So why am I talking about the Chevy Volt? Well because on the next page was an ad from AT&T saying that they had the largest 4G network and not Verizon. And so starts my article.

*Your mileage may vary.

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CarTunes – Must have iPhone app!


I’ll call this a mini post seeing as I am writing this on my iPhone and as such this post will most likely not have my usual 1500 words. That’s okay. This app doesn’t need 1500 words to sell it. (And I brought pretty pictures)

I find myself often driving and listening to music and found that the music player built into iOS really wasn’t made to be used one handed if you aren’t looking at the screen. Enter CarTunes.

CarTunes is $4.99 in the AppStore. And worth every penny.

You can control all of your music with the swipe of your fingers. The most used commands all with one finger. Slide left and right to skip to the next song or back to the previous song. Hold and then up and down is volume. And the best part? Pull down to share what you’re listening to to twitter. It’s a full music player that uses your music library. It’s not until you use apps like this you realize how bad some other apps are. The text in the app is colored based off the main colors in the album art. Little touches like that make it look amazing mounted in the center dash of your car. If you have a car or a desk you dock your phone at you need this app! Go get it now!

The downside?
Alright every app falls short somewhere. I wish I could rate a song inside the app and it would be nice if there was an easy way to start shuffling within a music album from the main library shuffle (in the regular app you just swipe over and pick another song in the album to do this). That being said there aren’t many other gestures available to use and I think the app does a good job of using the most important ones.

Update: I just found out that pinching in the app switches you to the album the song is from.

Full disclosure: there is nothing to disclose. As always I wouldn’t mind a coffee but it won’t change my review. This app is great even without a kickback.


iPhone 5, world. World, iPhone 5. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

(C) 2012 Apple Inc.

I would like to start off before anything in saying that I have not used the iPhone 5, I haven’t touched it, I haven’t even smelled it (although I hear it smells like inter-dimensional travel. Although that might just be the smell from Foxconn), all in all I am very close to the least qualified person to say anything about the iPhone. So why do a review? Simple. I am looking for my 15 seconds of internet fame and I have yet to locate a singing parrot of my own or build my own studio like the guys at twit and I’m still in college so there is nothing for me to do (studying and going to class is for freshmen). Without further ado here is my completely biased iPhone 5 hands off review.

It has been called the greatest phone of 2018 for 5 year olds, said to cause uncontrollable laughter and tears to all who touch it. It’s the reason why Santa’s naughty list is at an all time low and there are rumors it may actually reverse global warming and end wars. (The UN is now telling me that it only ends wars with the aid of their people.)

What is this magical, miraculous, amazing device? iPhone 5. The device that tells your 3rd grade teacher that proper nouns are not capitalized when they are magical. iPhone 5 was released yesterday (September 12th, 2012) at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. One guy tried to get in with a Samsung Galaxy S III but was quickly hurried out the side door and sued for being in possession of intellectual property.

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Your iPhone is now obsolete!

(c) 2012 Apple Inc.

Apple has done it again! They have simultaneously made 250 million completely obsolete. Your pretty iPhone 4S is now broken. There is nothing actually wrong with it.. but now it is old and because there is a new one, yours is now out dated.

I’ll do more of a write up later but for now I’ll forward you on to The Verge, Twit Specials and MacBreak Weekly!

The Verge – iPhone 5 Recap

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MacBreak Weekly – iPhone 5