CarTunes – Must have iPhone app!


I’ll call this a mini post seeing as I am writing this on my iPhone and as such this post will most likely not have my usual 1500 words. That’s okay. This app doesn’t need 1500 words to sell it. (And I brought pretty pictures)

I find myself often driving and listening to music and found that the music player built into iOS really wasn’t made to be used one handed if you aren’t looking at the screen. Enter CarTunes.

CarTunes is $4.99 in the AppStore. And worth every penny.

You can control all of your music with the swipe of your fingers. The most used commands all with one finger. Slide left and right to skip to the next song or back to the previous song. Hold and then up and down is volume. And the best part? Pull down to share what you’re listening to to twitter. It’s a full music player that uses your music library. It’s not until you use apps like this you realize how bad some other apps are. The text in the app is colored based off the main colors in the album art. Little touches like that make it look amazing mounted in the center dash of your car. If you have a car or a desk you dock your phone at you need this app! Go get it now!

The downside?
Alright every app falls short somewhere. I wish I could rate a song inside the app and it would be nice if there was an easy way to start shuffling within a music album from the main library shuffle (in the regular app you just swipe over and pick another song in the album to do this). That being said there aren’t many other gestures available to use and I think the app does a good job of using the most important ones.

Update: I just found out that pinching in the app switches you to the album the song is from.

Full disclosure: there is nothing to disclose. As always I wouldn’t mind a coffee but it won’t change my review. This app is great even without a kickback.



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