Watch This! Pick of the month… week.. day.. hour?

I find that I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the internet. I have woken up with my iPhone in my hand and me surfing the web on Safari. How I got there I still don’t know. All this hitchhiking on the super highway we have come to call the web has gotten me lost more than once. I mean why not waste hours on end seeing what double digit millions can buy you on the beaches of SoCal? Every once and a while it does lead me something great.

Enter Casey Neistat. A man who was able to do what has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, travel the world. Best part? Nike paid him to do this.

If you haven’t seen make it count yet go there… NOW! My blog will most likely still be here when you get back. (I hope…)

That was quick. Did you only watch it once? Yeah I don’t think so. Come on. Go watch it again. He’s not paying me for this by the way.*

*- Neistat I wouldn’t mind a kick back of sorts. I do love StarBucks.

Neistat seems like what would happen if you took Hollywood out of Hollywood. No budget. No girls (I don’t mean no females. I mean no using them to make us forget we just wasted $20 on a movie that was utter crap) and actually good ideas. He is a journalist of sorts who decided that the pen and the sword are both utter crap when you have a camera and millions of views on Youtube/Vimeo.

Don’t expect amazing CGI. Don’t expect A-list actors (or any for that matter). Think what would happen if you lived a moderately interesting life in a big city and actually knew what good videography was. All of this is why he is my Pick of the… So I haven’t decided how often I will come up with picks so for now he’s just my pick for what you should be watching instead of pandas sneezing.



4 thoughts on “Watch This! Pick of the month… week.. day.. hour?

  1. Cool, thanks for sharing that. I love it when people break the rules to really make or do something creative. If you’re inspired by this, I think you’d also enjoy what Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, Chasing Amy, etc) has done with his most recent film (Red State (2011)): is a quick blurb about it. But, basically taking the Hollywood out of filmmaking. That said, you often need a nudge to make something happen. Whether it’s a small windfall from Nike, or just being in the right place at the right time. I would say, it’s certainly easier to do this kind of stuff when you’re young and don’t have kids. I look forward to seeing what this motivates you to do.

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