Versus! Songza vs Pandora

For people who know me well they know they I often have an earbud in at least one of my ears (yes one of the crappy apple ear buds. I’ll invest in a new pair someday…). Being a poor college student (okay not poor, CHEAP) I don’t buy music. Spotify is king on my macbook but I need a way to listen to new music when I’m out and about with just my iPhone or my iPad. Enter Pandora. Right?

Not recently.

I heard about Songza shortly after it came out and right out of the gate I found I liked it more than Pandora. Pandora has always been about what song/artist are you listening to, we’ll give you similar songs and artists. Songza is a different approach. Songza is more about what mood are you in and what are you doing? This approach is great for people with eclectic music tastes. I absolutely hate country. (Don’t worry I won’t go into a rant about how they can’t sing. Their music has so substance or how it’s the same song over and over again. I won’t talk about how no one needs to hear about a tractor in a song. I wouldn’t dream of saying that static is more musically inclinded than country music… Nope I wouldn’t go on and on saying any of that.) But besides that noise I’ll pretty much listen to all music. I enjoy listening to Frank Sinatra and Louie Armstrong but then listening to Daft Punk and Deadmau5 too. Sure in Pandora I can make albums with the artists and enjoy my music until out of the blue.. AD! The only thing I hate more than paying for stuff is ads that take over (One would think this means I would have broken down by now and paid for spotify.. not yet.) Songza is different though. Sure there are still adsm but no audio ads.. EVER! Thats huge for me. I’m not talking a free burrito huge. I’m talking free limo driving you to school/work every day for a month huge! (I called songza to ask for this. They hung up on me. Go figure. As a bonus I still listen to music without audio ads.)

So what does this all mean? It means if you are on a desktop and are not deaf then go to and bookmark it. If you are on a mobile device go to your AppStore and download it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll hate it… Chances are though if you hate it you’re also the type of person who hates free limo rides and my only question for you is who are you? And why do you hate yourself?

Bottom line? Download both sonza and pandora. Then only use songza and delete pandora after 3 years when you realize you’ve never actually opened the app.


Songza – – – – Pandora
7 skips – – – – 6 skips
visual ads you can exit – – Visual ads that want you to sell your kidneys
no audio ads – – Audio ads asking you to sell your kidneys

sound quality – Songza Wins. (it sounds like unicorns. which no human ear can actually hear.)



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