Versus! Songza vs Pandora

For people who know me well they know they I often have an earbud in at least one of my ears (yes one of the crappy apple ear buds. I’ll invest in a new pair someday…). Being a poor college student (okay not poor, CHEAP) I don’t buy music. Spotify is king on my macbook but I need a way to listen to new music when I’m out and about with just my iPhone or my iPad. Enter Pandora. Right?

Not recently.

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Your iPhone is now obsolete!

(c) 2012 Apple Inc.

Apple has done it again! They have simultaneously made 250 million completely obsolete. Your pretty iPhone 4S is now broken. There is nothing actually wrong with it.. but now it is old and because there is a new one, yours is now out dated.

I’ll do more of a write up later but for now I’ll forward you on to The Verge, Twit Specials and MacBreak Weekly!

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