Coding. 01000011011011110110010001100101. Watch this!

Code. Code is what makes all of this possible. From the HTML that is the foundation of this webpage to Objective-C that is the foundation of the OS on my Mac. (Yes. I am a Mac guy) It’s important. And when done right the user should never know what code looks like.

But users aren’t the people making money. They are the one spending it. Young kids are growing up with this technology and they are absorbing it like a sponge. I am 21 and wrote my first lines of code during Easter on a family vacation. I’m sure I still have the Javascript file somewhere. It was a Hello World pop up. Then I made it ask questions. And like any 13 or 14 year old I had it make jokes about peoples ages. Things like “WOW! You’re old!” and stuff like that.

Coding is an important thing for people to learn. Just like those teachers in high school telling you that advance calculus class is super important.  Coding is similar. Some people taking those calculus classes will use it later in life but a lot of them won’t. However it will still help them. It will help to expand the way their mind work. Give them a different way to look at problems that aren’t about math.

So regardless if you learn Python, Java, HTML, Lua, BASIC, VB, or C++. Learn a language.

Oh and watch this video first.



GoPro. Emphasis on the Pro.

(c) 2012 GoPro

I was a happy and proud owner of a GoPro HD Hero. Then the Hero 2 came out. I was bummed that mine didn’t have the adjustable field of view but over all it was no big deal. Then Go Pro released the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and completely out did themselves.

Go Pros have always been good cameras but they are the extra camera. The video quality is good but you also have the excuse “well the camera is super small. What do you expect?” You can take that excuse and throw it out the window. The new camera is playing with the big boys now.

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Watch This! Pick of the… Just watch.

First off I have a very interesting fear of heights. Why is it interesting? Well because I am super afraid being 20 feet off the ground but 100 feet doesn’t bother me. I figured out any height I assume I will die from the fear is gone. Any of these heights I just get a huge rush of adrenaline.

Well that was kind of a long introduction just to say I really love videos that push the envelope. That do things that are right on the edge of safety (but that stay on the safe side!). Without further ado I give you the worlds largest rope swing. Enjoy!


P.S. Please don’t try this at home. Your hill in your back yard isn’t tall enough. And if you do don’t sue me. I didn’t make the movie… Probably don’t sue him either though. He makes cool videos (remember the parasailing video? No? Go there now then! oh and subscribe to my blog!)

Watch This! Sandy Edition.

If you follow No Tie Tuesday (okay I’ll only say this this one time. If you don’t, please do. Your support may very well pay for a fraction of one of my college text books, the ones I should be reading but instead spend my time writing posts on here.) you know that I give Neistat rave reviews (he is the [only] watch this! pick of the month). I think he is a great independent film maker. I like his films don’t feel like the stuff you watch on TV. Its very unique. Anyways he lives in NYC and made this video about biking in NYC. Enjoy.


Link to Donate to the Red Cross

Full Disclosure: I do not work for the Red cCross. This link is just one I got off their website. If you feel more comfortable just going to their website go ahead and do that. Do be careful who you donate to though. Some scams pop up when a disaster happens.

God Bless America.

EXTRA EXTRA! Free today only, CarTunes Player


I previously picked CarTunes as an app to have especially if you travel a lot and enjoy listening to music. Check out the article here. The app is usually $4.99 but today is free! Download it! You won’t regret it. Unfortunately this is a today only deal so if you are reading this today enjoy! If not then here is another reason why you should subscribe to my blog.

CarTunes – Free (iPhone and iPad)

CarTunes – Must have iPhone app!


I’ll call this a mini post seeing as I am writing this on my iPhone and as such this post will most likely not have my usual 1500 words. That’s okay. This app doesn’t need 1500 words to sell it. (And I brought pretty pictures)

I find myself often driving and listening to music and found that the music player built into iOS really wasn’t made to be used one handed if you aren’t looking at the screen. Enter CarTunes.

CarTunes is $4.99 in the AppStore. And worth every penny.

You can control all of your music with the swipe of your fingers. The most used commands all with one finger. Slide left and right to skip to the next song or back to the previous song. Hold and then up and down is volume. And the best part? Pull down to share what you’re listening to to twitter. It’s a full music player that uses your music library. It’s not until you use apps like this you realize how bad some other apps are. The text in the app is colored based off the main colors in the album art. Little touches like that make it look amazing mounted in the center dash of your car. If you have a car or a desk you dock your phone at you need this app! Go get it now!

The downside?
Alright every app falls short somewhere. I wish I could rate a song inside the app and it would be nice if there was an easy way to start shuffling within a music album from the main library shuffle (in the regular app you just swipe over and pick another song in the album to do this). That being said there aren’t many other gestures available to use and I think the app does a good job of using the most important ones.

Update: I just found out that pinching in the app switches you to the album the song is from.

Full disclosure: there is nothing to disclose. As always I wouldn’t mind a coffee but it won’t change my review. This app is great even without a kickback.