GoPro. Emphasis on the Pro.

(c) 2012 GoPro

I was a happy and proud owner of a GoPro HD Hero. Then the Hero 2 came out. I was bummed that mine didn’t have the adjustable field of view but over all it was no big deal. Then Go Pro released the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and completely out did themselves.

Go Pros have always been good cameras but they are the extra camera. The video quality is good but you also have the excuse “well the camera is super small. What do you expect?” You can take that excuse and throw it out the window. The new camera is playing with the big boys now.

It shoots 4k ‘video’. I put that in quotes because its 15 fps… Have you ever tried to watch 15 fps video? Its horrible. It’s more of burst photos with audio. So lets just forget about that. Now 2.7k at 30fps is awesome! That’s 2716×1524. Or to put it in perspective more pixels on your 24 inch monitor. This allows for you to crop in if needed and still have full HD or just to have crisper video when finally rendering in 1080p.

So what if you want slow motion? Well 720p is still a very respectable resolution and the Hero 3 can go up to 120 fps. (playing back at 30 fps that’s 4x slow motion. So good for a quick belly flop into the pool or you going head first into the pavement after missing the skateboard jump.)

Over all this seems like an amazing camera, and at $400 for the most expensive one it’s neither expensive nor cheap. It seems appropriately priced for what you are getting. If you are a daredevil or constantly doing stupid things that would get tons of view on youtube then this is probably worth it for you.

GoPro if you want me to test it out for real please feel free to email me. I promise to be fair in my review. I may lose the return address and just have to keep the review unit if I love it as much as I assume I will.

Words are over rated. Just watch the video. Full screen. 1080p.




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