Google Glass. This changes everything… Again.

Google Glass. I’ve talked about this before (One small step for man… one giant Leap for mankind). It’s old news. So why bring it up again?

Simple answer? Google is probably paying me to talk about it… Well they aren’t (but if you’re from Google I take donations and sponsorships.)

First off they have great new video that looks like it was taken by an old cellphone. Awesome! Who doesn’t love bad looking, not even full HD, with blown out highlights, video?

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Moves. An App iPhone Users Should All Try!


I have been thinking about investing in one of the new FitBits, Nike FuelBand or the new JawBone Up. For me it was never really about the price. They are all in the $100-200 price range which isn’t chump change but its not a fortune either. For me it was trying to figure out which one would fit my life best. It would have to be able to integrate easily into my daily activity while also tracking me and hopefully improving my habits. So far none of them really fit the bill perfectly…

Enter The Moves App
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GoPro. Emphasis on the Pro.

(c) 2012 GoPro

I was a happy and proud owner of a GoPro HD Hero. Then the Hero 2 came out. I was bummed that mine didn’t have the adjustable field of view but over all it was no big deal. Then Go Pro released the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and completely out did themselves.

Go Pros have always been good cameras but they are the extra camera. The video quality is good but you also have the excuse “well the camera is super small. What do you expect?” You can take that excuse and throw it out the window. The new camera is playing with the big boys now.

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One small step for man… one giant Leap for mankind.

“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

The year is 1968. 2001 A Space Odyssey just came out and people all over the world are imagining what the future will hold. 44 years later I’m asking myself why we are still living in the past.

Sure we are futuristic to a point. We have phones that are mini computers. We have tablets that are suppose to be our portable window into the world. We have computers that have immense power and yet we are still in the 1960s. We are still managing our digital lives with files and folders. We limit ourselves to the two-dimensional world and the few times we try to go into a three-dimensional digital world it kind of sucks!

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New on the Telly… Revolution

From time to time I find myself on the iTunes store and when I do I always end up in the Free on iTunes section (I am a poor college student after all). Revolution is an up and coming tv show from J. J. Abrams. If the name Abrams sounds familiar thats because he was behind, most famously, LOST, but was also behind Fringe, Person of Interest and Alcatraz.

The show starts off like any show would, TV is on and kids are on their iPads. Without giving too much away we find the characters in a world very different from what we know in our day to day lives. Some of the science and background ideas are just plain wrong, but what I found with LOST is that the science doesn’t always need to be right as long as they can later justify why it is that way. An example of this Hollywood science is when the blackout happened it was a rolling blackout that affected cars as well. Only an EM (Electro magnetic) pulse would do that but such a pulse wouldn’t cause batteries to no longer work. I look forward to seeing what further explanation is given in the show.

The acting was pretty good, there were some corny parts but over all it wasn’t bad. I would suggest watching the pilot. I think the show has promise, I just hope it doesn’t end up like an Alcatraz, a show that despite being amazing, got canceled.

But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. The show premires on September 17th, 2012 at 10pm ET.. However you can watch the pilot right now on Hulu.

Hulu – Revolution: Pilot