Google Glass. This changes everything… Again.

Google Glass. I’ve talked about this before (One small step for man… one giant Leap for mankind). It’s old news. So why bring it up again?

Simple answer? Google is probably paying me to talk about it… Well they aren’t (but if you’re from Google I take donations and sponsorships.)

First off they have great new video that looks like it was taken by an old cellphone. Awesome! Who doesn’t love bad looking, not even full HD, with blown out highlights, video?

Secondly they are revealing more what it’s like to use glass. I know what you’re going to say.. “I’ve lived with glass my entire life. There’s glass on my window, I wear glasses, my coffee table is even made out of glass.” All of those things might be true, but believe me, this is different.

To get an idea what it’s like to use Google Glass just look at the screen of your phone constantly for an entire day. Do it while you’re walking, while you’re driving (note: PLEASE DON’T! This is sarcasm and a joke about Glass. Seriously distracted driving is very bad!) and most importantly while you should be interacting with real people. Now since most of you (myself included) won’t be getting Google Glass anytime soon all we really care about is what it will be like living around someone with Google Glass. Even if it’s only someone we see on the subway this is what will concern us.

Well first off just think of anytime you went out with someone and all they did was stare at their phone. I imagine this kind of stinks (I wouldn’t know. I’ve always been the one on my phone.) Okay now make it ten times worse. They will be vocally saying stuff like “take a picture. Their face looks weird” or “Google [insert any random string of words here]” and so on. It will get very annoying very quickly.

Ball and Chain

Alright so I might sound like a hater at this point but thats only because I want one so badly. I think this will be great in the same way things like Siri and cameras on our phones can be. If we use them every once and a while to enhance our life and not constantly where we get consumed by it then it will be a great step forward. Unfortunately society has already proven we don’t tend to take this viewpoint when it comes to technology. I myself always have my phone on me. In many ways it becomes something that hinders my life instead of improving it. Time will tell. I think a HUD type device was an inevitable progression with technology. I just hope it doesn’t end up consuming us even further. Worst case scenario people will start watching netflix on their morning commute and after a lot of fender benders we’ll all be forced to let Google drive for us. But maybe that too would be for the best.

Final thoughts. I think this maybe an awesome way for fathers to capture moments with his wife and first child. Being able to record their children’s first words, first steps, first solid food all without having to be behind a camera. I fear for every one father using it to enhance his life there will be a thousand people doing stupid antisocial things with Glass.



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